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Really nice article. Appreciated your four points on getting creative and introducing complexity into life.

I also think it a very good point about not putting ourselves out to pasture. It's definitely a personal choice to choose the only 55 or older gang. However, I think I want to continue to rejoice in the variety of ages and experiences of family and friends and keep adding to that complexity.

Thanks for the research and putting these cogent points together. Cheese for thought. Bland and tasteless or complex craft flavors. :)

Thank you for sharing, and especially the pictures. You made me cry but also celebrate what a lovely dog-person you had in your life.

And, made me think of with tears and smiles of our Bracken that we had for 12 years. He was an Irish Water Spaniel. He was a sweet, loyal, funny and darling dog.

And a chocolate thief........ all his life. One guest came to us in tears, so worried that she had poisoned our dog! She found Bracken with his head in her luggage munching in the chocolate he found there.

One day I found the…

Just the word "grammar" can be so intimidating for some people, engendering shuddering and grimacing in fear. :D You did a great job explaining relative and conditional clauses in a succinct fashion. Thanks! Useful for sharing with students.

Really enjoyed this article. I know people who struggle with maintaining focus while listening. Great points to share.

I especially loved this point.

"And if your thoughts wander away, don’t feel guilty, but notice it by making a note or doodle in the right column that visualizes your unrelated idea"

Some people are very connective in their thinking and that idea might not be so "unrelated" as it seems. :D

Thanks for pulling together these research results. Really good info. Makes me think about how important to reach out to our friends and loved ones who have especially been isolated by COVID.

Nicely put! Knowledge, compassion, and quality listening combined for for the success of stakeholders and users.

Love this sentence: "When in doubt, draw." So true. Because people see things in their minds but it is never exactly the same thing for each person.

Loved this article. Makes me glad I encouraged my kids to be bookworms! :D The neurophysiology aspect is fascinating.

Great article. Loved the concept of using guiding principles. Constructing "a single generic process that is measurable via a checklist or scorecard" and rigidly adhering to that inhibits good communication and creativity. I think the principles in this article are excellent to apply to the relationship between graphic designers and their clients as well.

Nice article. Switching the paradigm from entreating to confident competence.

Lori Paulson

Graphic designer and writer with a creative filter informed by art and history nerdiness. https://artigianadesign.com https://lepaulson.wordpress.com

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