Thank you for sharing, and especially the pictures. You made me cry but also celebrate what a lovely dog-person you had in your life.

And, made me think of with tears and smiles of our Bracken that we had for 12 years. He was an Irish Water Spaniel. He was a sweet, loyal, funny and darling dog.

And a chocolate thief........ all his life. One guest came to us in tears, so worried that she had poisoned our dog! She found Bracken with his head in her luggage munching in the chocolate he found there.

One day I found the packaging of a 99% chocolate bar I had brought home from Paris laying on the floor in pieces and nothing of the chocolate remained! My funny thief of a dog had stolen and eaten the whole three and a half by seven inch bar of heavenly deliciousness.

Couldn’t leave chocolate in my purse because sadly Bracken’s reputation regarding the morality of stealing other people’s chocolate was definitely not to be respected.

Aside from his lack of integrity regarding the chocolate belongings of others, he was a lovely dog person. Sweet, funny and quirky.

I enjoyed the story of your pup even more because it helps me remember my pup that I miss so much.

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